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    Tempering Aid - 12g Sachet
    Tempering Aid - 12g Sachet
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    • Tempering Aid - 12g Sachet

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    Handy 12g sachet of tempering aid (Mycryo)

    Use one sachet for 3 x 400g bags of Belcolade couverture.

    Use two sachets for 1 x 2.5kg bag of Callebaut couverture. 

    Instructions for use:

    1) Melt the chocolate at 40C-45C and then allow it to cool at room temperature to 34C-35C for dark chocolate and 33C-34C for milk or white.

    2) Then add 10g of HCF Tempering Aid for every 1kg of chocolate being melted and mix well.

    3) When the temperature of the chocolate reaches 31C-32C for dark and 29C-30C for milk or white, it is ready to be used. To test, dip the tip of your knife in the chocolate. When it hardens quickly, it is perfectly tempered and ready to use.