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    About Us

    Here at Home Chocolate Factory, we provide creative inspiration to Pastry Chefs, Chocolatiers & Bakers with a comprehensive range of tools, equipment, machines & ingredients from the leading brands in the industry.

    Brands we represent:

    • SELMI
    • Pavoni
    • Sillikomart
    • Martellato
    • Cabrellon
    • Tomric
    • Chocolate World
    • Implast
    • Life of the Party
    • Chef Rubber
    • Mallard Ferriere
    • Deco Relief
    • Tecnomac
    • SOSA
    • Callebaut
    • Cacao Barry
    • Keller
    • Willies Cacao
    • Gourmet Fine Food
    • Firetree
    • Fruits Rouge
    • Décors & Créations

    Our Story

    Home Chocolate Factory started 20 years ago in our managing directors’ garage as a sideline to his PR & Marketing Consultancy business, after exploring chocolate making as a business idea for his wife. But instead, they identified the opportunity to introduce a range of chocolate making equipment for the domestic market.

    Initially the business started off on the home shopping channel QVC as a chocolate making kit that could be demonstrated on TV, thus the name ‘Home Chocolate Factory’. The business was pretty successful until QVC introduced new rules on customer returns, which made the business unprofitable.

    Instead of giving up our MD introduced a mail order catalogue and decided to explore other opportunities in the market sector. He contacted several brands that were quite strong in Europe but didn’t have a presence in the UK such as SELMI Chocolate Machines, Pavoni, Silikomart & Martellato- primarily to sell chocolate making equipment to professionals & serious amateurs. We are now also a main UK distributor for SOSA, Chocolat Form, Mallard Ferriere, Implast, Cabrellon & Demarle.

    It then became obvious that Chocolate/Pastry/Bakery are overlapping markets, so we expanded our range of products on offer to include these.

    In 2014 we moved to a showroom which enables chefs & chocolatiers to see before they buy – something that wasn’t possible before. We also started a Pastry Academy with our own on-site kitchen to provide training for customers although the current market situation has meant we are having to change the way we provide training.

    Here at HCF we place importance on working with established brands, having a wide choice of products in stock, low shipping costs and offering good customer service however, we are constantly striving to make improvements & be the top one stop destination for all Pastry Chefs, Chocolatiers & Bakers.