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    So Good Magazine Issue 31
    So Good Magazine Issue 31
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    • So Good Magazine Issue 31

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    Is this the craziest issue of so good.. magazine in recent years? The answer is yes.

    A little bored with fashion, with what is predictable, with what is pertinent and what is correct, it occurred to us to ask eight chefs the following: Would you dare to publish three "politically" incorrect creations, that do not follow established rules, “hooligan" desserts whether in their composition, in format, in the flavor combinations, or in aesthetics and the message? The only established limits are to avoid personal offenses and anything that could be considered rude or vulgar.

    And the eight fools said, "Of course”. From their recklessness came a cannabis butter, a red ant paste, a raw chicken breast mezcal, a wild boar fat croissant, a "bull's heart" covered with bull carpaccio, a potato mousse for a potato "omelette”, the soap from the Fight Club, the representation of three of the seven deadly sins… and other such eccentricities.

    Thanks to Hans Ovando and his films, to Gregory Doyen and his games, to François Daubinet and his sins, to Gonzo Jiménez and his tapas, to Jordi Roca and his dreams, to Ángel León and his seas, to Roberto Cortés and his ancestors, and Michael Van Der Kroft and his provocations. Thank you all for letting yourself be challenged and responding with so much ingenuity. Conformists, the bored, the predictable, or those who tend to be easily offended should refrain from purchasing this issue.

    All those who continue with us will find a delicious interview with Dominique Ansel on the tenth anniversary of his Cronut, accompanied by two emblematic creations. They will thoroughly enjoy Dimitri Fayard's designer pastries. Be captivated by the beauty of Pía Salazar's desserts from Ecuador. They will learn about the possibilities of vanilla with Tristan Rousselot, and appreciate the delicate and essentialist work of Joost Arijs at his establishment in Ghent. They will learn the valuable opinions of a teacher of the stature of Sebastien Canonne. Will be seduced by the elegance and precision of Sean Hu's creations at the Langham Hotel in Shenzhen, China. Be infected by Sho Kimura's passion and determination.

    Be amazed by the story of Dej Kewkacha and his empire in Thailand. They will witness a new approach to cocoa powder through Talia Profet's desserts. They will discover Kyohei Mikami's acclaimed individual desserts, two to three times more expensive than the Tokyo average. They will be pleased by the stories of the Greek chef, Nicolas Nikolakopoulos, full of chemistry and pastry. And they will accompany the great Luciano García on a walk through his new and indescribable space on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

    There are a total of 21 chefs, of which more than half come to so good.. magazine for the first time. Everyone is welcome to an issue that we cannot guarantee that everyone will like, but we do guarantee that you will not get bored. We promise.