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    So Good Magazine Issue 30
    So Good Magazine Issue 30
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    • So Good Magazine Issue 30

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    With this we complete our first 30 issues since that first so good..magazine saw the light of day back in January 2009. Today our publication is known on all the continents and we have the respect of thousands and thousands of readers from different cultures, contributing to give visibility to a trade that proudly claims its role at the top of gastronomy. We also take advantage of this issue to introduce some changes in the design and layout of the magazine, with the aim of slightly refreshing the appearance without losing style and personality.

    so good.. magazine #30 focuses on the generation of professionals who are in their thirties. They are our thirty-somethings, professionals who have already acquired experience and a sense of responsibility, but who keep intact their creative capacity and their taste for innovation and renewal. In so good.. magazine #30 there are articles as interesting as cakes created by artificial intelligencecocktails that are eaten and desserts that are drunk, desserts made from wild plantsedible water, the use of enzymes to take advantage of all the fruit, the technique to get the most out of glazes, an interview with Amaury Guichon, the world's most popular pastry chef with 11.5 million followers on IG, a mandarin orange Mont Blanc, a flower-shaped cake made without molds, techniques for sweets applied to the surface of cakes... and much more.


    • 20 chefs of 14 different nationalities, including seven women pastry chefs.
    • A dozen interviews
    • 50 exclusive creations with their corresponding recipes
    • 165 photographs of cakes, desserts, individuals, snacks, ice cream, baked dough, sauces, mousses, cocktails...
    • step-by-step instructions, techniques, cuts, details... 
    • 312 pages of the most avant-garde pastry in the world