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    Chocolat By Maja Vase
    Chocolat By Maja Vase
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    • Chocolat By Maja Vase

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    The book CHOCOLAT by Maja Vase is the union of her two e-books Chocolate Entremets & Chocolate Tarts in hardcover format. More than 60 recipes with carefully selected flavor pairings, delicate details and textures to die for. Small works of pastry art that you will find surprisingly easy to create... and share!


    Maja Vase's work is marked by her technical prowess, neatness and a modern and timeless personal style. In the first part of the book, the young Danish pastry chef presents 30 recipes in which she proves that she is a true expert in the "clean cut". Beautiful creations outside and inside, in which the velvety textures and creaminess of mousses, ganaches and creams are appreciated.

    As food writer Marie Holm explains in the foreword, "Although there is a lot of time and thought behind each cake, it will never be better than the ingredients used. Maja's recipes are quite simple and are based on a few quality ingredients. More importantly, the cakes are delicious."

    In the book you will find general advice on the art of tempering chocolate, the secret of a perfect chocolate mousse, or all the necessary equipment to prepare the recipes that he breaks down in the book, among which are: rhubarb lemon white chocolate, pear dark milk chocolate vanilla, digestive milk chocolate marshmallow, and apple thyme pistachio white chocolate, among others.



    The second part of the book, Chocolate cakes, is dedicated to cakes. Small and large chocolate cakes with flaky crusts, wet fillings, super silky creams and ganaches and very delicate chocolate details. You will find amazing recipes such as: Sea buckthorn - white chocolate - licorice, Raspberry - thyme - white chocolate - lime, Redcurrant - white chocolate - lemon, Peanut - caramel - salt, among others.



    Maja Vase is a dedicated chocolate enthusiast, an extraordinary pastry artist with a keen eye for detail, writer of seven pastry books and the woman behind the popular Instagram profile @majachocolat over 350,000 followers.