Tomric Christmas Tree Heavy Duty Thermoformed Chocolate Mould

Tomric Christmas Tree Heavy Duty Thermoformed Chocolate Mould

Product Code: C-355

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Price: £18.50 (including VAT)

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Product Information

Professional, heavy duty, polycarbonate chocolate mould.


Size of Tree: 149mm x 108mm x 25mm

Number of Cavities per Mould: 2

Weight per Cavity: 149g


Shipping Weight: 71.00 gms

Ask a question about this product.

Q: what weight chocolates does this mould make?

A: 71g - bear in mind the mould has a flat back so you are making just half a tree.

Q: Are the measurements correct?The tree looks taller than it is wide or deep and yet the measurements given make it short and plump.Also, the mould is smaller than the cavity. If the mould isn't the whole thing, then what is it? The cavity? In which case what is 'cavity' referring to?

A: Sorry - the measurements were incorrect - the correct measurements are 149mm x 108mm x 25 mm