Pavoni Pinguno Christmas Penguin Thermoformed Chocolate Mould Kit

Pavoni Pinguno Christmas Penguin Thermoformed Chocolate Mould Kit

Product Code: KT120

Price: £40.31 (including VAT)

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Product Information

2 sets of moulds per box
Each set comprises 3 moulds

Height: 170mm

Shipping Weight: 250.00 gms

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Q: I have bought the Pinguno mould and some Pavoni Gold Metallic colour but there are no instructions in either the moulds or on the powder. How do I colour the beaks and feet - do I add some of the powder to some white chocolate ?Also, is it possible to pipe the chocolate into the moulds using a piping bag?

A: There are a few options - the easiest is to simply dust the feet with the Gold Powder using either your finger or a fine brush.

Your Penguin will look most effective with either a combination of White & Dark Chocolate or White & Milk Chocolate. To create this effect, temper White Chocolate & pipe into the cavity areas you see white in the picture of the Penguin. Allow to set then completely fill the mould with your choice of temperered Chocolate (Dark or Milk) Tap the mould to release any air bubbles then empty out the excess chocolate. Allow to set. Add a second layer of Chocolate by filling the Penguin with tempered Chocolate again and then emptying out. Leave to set. Once set, the Chocolate will release from the mould easily and then you can pipe the finer details such as the eyes.

Alternately the Gold can be painted on at the end once you turn out the Penguin. To do this you need to mix the Gold Powder with a strong alcohol like Gin or Vodka. The alcohol will evaporate off at the end when you have finished.

Q: One other question please - I usually join the moulds together ​after I pour the chocolate in but before they set. Your response suggests that these are set apart and then presumably joined together after they have set. If I want to join them together before they set should I put in the 1st layer of milk or dark chocolate (after I have set the white chocolate) and keep them separate and then join them together when I put the 2nd layer of chocolate in. I have never put in 2 layers before.Sorry for the detail but I'm really an amateur who just loves to make your chocolate into shapes for presents

A: Yes - you should make each half separately and put the second layer of chocolate in before joining the two halves. Then rub each half on a warmed baking tray (not more than 40 degrees centrigrade) to soften the chocolate on the edge - and then join the two halves together.

Q: Do the moulds make 2 penguins

A: The kit contains two sets of three moulds so you can make two penguins at a time. The moulds are reusable but need to be washed by hand in luke warm water.

Q: If you join the moulds together before filling with chocolate does the mould come with clips to secure together or do you sell them separately?

A: This Kit contains thermoformed moulds that are not designed to be used with clips. The recommended method of use is to make each component separately and join them together afterwards