Heart Praline Polycarbonate Magnetic Chocolate Transfer Mould

Heart Praline Polycarbonate Magnetic Chocolate Transfer Mould

Product Code: PMC12281

Price: £33.08 (including VAT)

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Product Information

  • Item Length (mm): 23.00
  • Item Width (mm): 31.00
  • Item Depth: 14.00
  • Number of Cavities: 15

Item Dimensions (approx.): 23mm x 31mm x 14mm; 15 cavities; Mould Size: 135mm x 275mm

Shipping Weight: 447.00 gms

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Q: what is the advantage of a magnetic mould

A: Magnetic moulds are designed to be used with transfer sheets and consist of two parts - the frame and the removable magnetic base. To use, you cut the transfer sheet to the desired size and place it cocoa butter side up on the bottom of the frame - then secure it with the magnetic base. The mould is then used in the normal way and once the chocolates have been removed, you can simply take off the magnetic base to change the transfer sheet.