Metallic Cherry Red Colouring

Metallic Cherry Red Colouring

Product Code: CH146

Price: £16.19 ( including VAT)

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Product Information

Food Colouring powder (25g) that gives shining and pearl effect to your chocolate and sugar pieces

Shipping Weight: 160.00 gms

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Q: How do you use this product?

A: I have emailed you a fact sheet covering the use of cacao butter colours.

Q: Please could you let me have the ingredient list for:- metallic cherry red colouring- metallic sand gold colouring,and also a fact sheet on the use of coloured cocoa butterThanks

A: CH146 - Metallic Cherry Red Colouring contains E172 and E555

CH148 - Metallic Sand Gold Colouring contains E171, E172 and E555

Q: Hi, can this metallic colour be added to cocoa butter? I'm currently looking for metallic cocoa butter colours, chef rubber do a range but they don't seem to be available over here.Many thanksKatherine

A: It can be - but it is not designed to be used like that. It is designed to be brushed inside the mould before filling with chocolate (or brushed onto the finished chocolates)