Low Cost Custom Moulds

Low Cost Custom Moulds

Product Code: custom1

Price: £450.00 (excluding VAT)

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Product Information

Special package price from 450 ex VAT (540 inc VAT) - price includes 5 moulds!!!

Fast and extremely cost effective, we can produce a high quality semi-rigid chocolate mould (approximately 1mm thick) in just 10 working days!!

Best of all, the price of creating a basic mould from supplied artwork together with five moulds costs from just 450 ex VAT (540 inc VAT).

We can also work from sketches, if required, and have a model making service (at extra cost).

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Q: Hello there I have been searching for custom made moulds for chocolate but I am looking for someone to make a silhouette figure mould and wondered if you do this ? regardsCally

A: Do you have artwork for the silhouette? If you don't, we can have a model made by a sculptor but it will cost more and add around two to three weeks to the production process.

Q: Hi We would like to have a chocolate mould developed in the design of a fountain which is the logo of the hotel .Could this be done .I could send a JPEG format of the image Vikas Milhoutra

A: Sure - send us the logo and let us know what size of chocolate you are looking for

Q: Hi need a chocolate mould made of the Honda Car Badge is this possible?

A: It is possible but we would need written permission from Honda as car manufacturers are getting very litigious when it cones to their logo being used without permission.

Q: Hi,I bought a 3d Xmas tree mould from the Internet,it consists of 1 mould with 4 different size pieces which stack on top of each other. I was wondering if u was able to design something similar in the shape of a teddy bear or heart. And how much would this cost? Many thanks, jayne smith.

A: Thank you for your enquiry - I am afraid we don't offer a design service - so you would need to get a model maker to create something the size you require - bearing in mind that each element has to be designed so it will release from a chocolate mould (i.e. no reverse angles)

Q: I'm after a mould that makes a disc Christmas tree. It would be concentric discs going down in size to create a cone shape of about 12 cm high. It would want a hole in the centre to fit a lolly stick support. Is this something you can do in bulk? Is there any discount on bulk ordering?

A: We have this mould in stock which may be of interest http://shop.silikomart.com/prodotti/3_View.asp?Articolo=Ranges+by+theme&n=5&np=1&ar_codart= We have one on sale at 15 (slightly damaged box) - please call for details - 0208 450 1523

Q: Hello, if I were to supply you with a 3D model/CAD design which is of my own, would the price still be the same? As I would be taking a large chunk of the process out of it.

A: In the case of the low cost custom mould, we actually need to work from a 3D model or line artwork - if not there is an extra charge to create a 3D model the same size as the finished cavity. The same applies to polycarbonate moulds where we normally work from a CAD design or line artwork as standard.

Q: Hello, What is the best format to send artwork to you? Should it be sent as a CAD file to demonstrate best how final chocolate should look in 3D or should it be flat line art work?Thanks

A: Illustrator (.ai) or PDF

Q: Hi,Would you be able to make a very simple silicone cell bar style mould in a specific size for this price too?Many thanks,Jess

A: I am afraid we don't do custom silicon moulds - sorry

Q: Hello, I'm looking for a mould to be made in the form of Morgan Freeman. When you say you require artwork would a 3D scan suffice or would you need him sent in person?

A: Sorry - that is not something we can do

Q: Hi, I would like a silicone mould I have made into polycarbonate one as at the moment it is hard to get a neat finish when backing off.It's this mould, is this possible and how much for 6 moulds thank youhttp://www.silikomart.com/professional/en/professional/prodotti/siliconflex/sf020-medium-baba/

A: Unfortunately the minimum order quantity for custom polycarbonate moulds is 100 from one tool.

Q: Can you work from JPG or PNG files?

A: Yes we can work from jpgs