Chocovision Delta Tabletop Chocolate Tempering Machine - Holds Temper

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Chocovision Delta Tabletop Chocolate Tempering Machine - Holds Temper

Product Code: Delta

Price: £3,000.00 (including VAT)

Product Information

The Chocovision Delta is a breakthrough in chocolate tempering and has been developed to meet the requirements of the world’s most demanding pastry chefs and chocolatiers.

It has the capablity of being able to hold chocolate in temper for over 15 hours and incorporates an advanced software system and display.

Product Features

Extended Tempering Mode

Stores up to 26 Chocolate Recipes

Easy-to-Read 20x4 Character Display

Manual Mode for Compound Conditioning

Manual Temperature Adjustment

Bowl Pause

Overnight (standby) Mode

Fully automatic micro-processor using forced hot air

4.5kg capacity

Removable bowl and baffle


1 Bowl

1 Baffle

1 Dipping tool

3 Scrapers

1 Baffle brush

1 Set of knobs

1 Lid & cover

Instruction manual

Supplied with full 1 year parts & labour warranty.

On-site service and repair capability with full-time engineer.

Shipping Weight: 17000.00 gms

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Q: How do I know how much seed chocolate to put in? I have done a lot of hand tempering chocolate and had to start over again as put in too much or too little. I wish to avoid measuring a third.ThanksJ Bradwell

A: You need at least 224g of seed chocolate behind the baffle for every 4.5kg batch

Q: Does it only function in Farenheit or does it have a celsius function?

A: It does have a Celcius/Centigrade function

Q: Please advise the size of Delta Tabletop 4.5kg capacity machine. Thank you.

A: approx 46cm x 46cm x 18cm