Pavoni Chocoflex 25mm Sphere Professional Silicon Mould Set

Pavoni Chocoflex 25mm Sphere Professional Silicon Mould Set

Product Code: LS05

Price: £91.52 (including VAT)

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Product Information

Two part mould set designed to make spherical lollipops, truffles, desserts or inserts


Dimension of sphere: 25mm diameter

Number of Cavities: 67


 - Perfect for freezing or baking.


 - Can be used from –60C to +230C.


- Can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


 - No butter or other fats are required to grease the moulds.


 - All materials used are tested in accordance with the Foods Standards Agency.


 - Greater stability and thermal resistance in comparison to metal moulds.


 - Can be taken from the oven/microwave and placed immediately in the fridge freezer and vice versa.


Shipping Weight: 1100.00 gms

Ask a question about this product.

Q: Hello, is this made in 2 halves or do you pipe through the hole in the top layer?

A: The mould is in two halves. You pipe through the hole and separate the two halves to remove the sphere.

Q: Hello,What is the diameter of the hole through which we pipe the product?Thanks

A: 7mm

Q: What would be the weight of the truffle and would it be a perfect sphere?

A: The weight will be approx 8g and it is a perfect sphere except for the hole at the top through which you fill the mould - and the fine line around the centre that is created at the join of the top half and bottom half of the mould

Q: Do you have this sphere mould in any other size?

A: It comes it three other sizes: 35mm diameter - 45mm diameter - 55mm diameter -