Files By Ramon Morato

Files By Ramon Morato

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Product Information

In this book Ramon Morató goes over 15 innovative projects in which he analyzes current pastry and chocolate making through the prism of science, anthropology, nutrition, sociology, design, and craftsmanship.

The second and eagerly awaited book by Ramon Morató (his first being the highly regarded Chocolate, first published in 2007) will surprise anyone who gets their hands on it. Within this book's pages, the chef approaches pastry and chocolate with a 360-degree view, from knowledge and science, the latest trends and new consumption habits, and the spectacular design of his creations with their corresponding recipes and techniques.

Through 15 chapters or projects, Morató presents, for example, the definitive study on a peculiar Japanese cake; a deep multidisciplinary analysis on the so-called healthy pastry or a scientifically-based study on ganache, with vegan versions, one shot, water-based, for long-term conservation, and the revolutionary praline ganache, among many other topics.
But the reader will also find almost a hundred creations such as bonbons, bars, cotton cheesecakes, plate desserts, macarons, cakes, entremets, tartlets, snacks, ice cream, choux, tarts ...

Files features creative design by ZOO Studio, spectacular photos by Ivan Raga, and is published by Books for Chefs and so good..magazine.
If you liked Chocolate you cannot miss out on this amazing Files.

Language: English & Spanish

Pages: 530

Shipping Weight: 3200.00 gms

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Be the first to ask a question about this product.