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    Martellato Micropaper
    Martellato Micropaper
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    • Martellato Micropaper

    • Product Code: 51MP6040

      Price: £38.66 (including VAT)

      Shipping Weight: 300.00 gms


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    Martellato Micropaper is the new microperforated baking paper, developed from an idea of Master Pastry Chef Giuseppe Gagliardi, which guarantees perfect baking in less time than traditional baking paper.

    Superior quality in less time. Thanks to the microperforations, water vapour escapes faster during cooking baking, water vapour escapes more quickly. This ensures a better passage of air, which also cools the products faster than with conventional baking paper. An 8/10% saving in time and energy due to better baking, faster cooling, even air flow, energy savings and faster cooking.

    Ideal for: Leavened Puff Pastries, Brisee Pastry, Bread, Pizza, Focaccia Bread, Fosage Tart, Crumble & Streusel Baking, Cream Puffs, Shortcrust Pastry, Biscuits, Puff Pastry & Leavened Doughs.

    Benefits of using micropaper include;
    • Improved baking quality
    • More efficient
    • Energu saving
    • Save time and effort - no need to wash perforated mats
    • No "taint" of detergent from washed mats

    Sheet Size: 59.2cm x 39.2cm
    Number of sheets per pack: 200