Chocolate Making Techniques

Halloween Lollipops

9Halloween is a great time of year to make chocolates. This is a simple and inexpensive way of making lollipops to give as Halloween treats.


Equipment Needed:

Lollipop Chocolate Mould
Lollipop Sticks
Melted Chocolate
Jam (optional)


1) Start by making sure the mould is clean & dry. Try not touch the inside with your fingers (as the grease from your hands can cause the chocolates to become dull and may also cause them to stick to the mould). For real shine on your chocolates, polish the inside of the moulds with dry cotton wool.


2) Next, take the melted chocolate and using a spoon, deposit chocolate into each mould until it is half full.  Gently tap the mould on the work surface to remove air bubble


3) Then place a lollipop stick into the ridge in the mould.


4) Next, spoon a small amount of jam into the mould on top of the chocolate (optional). If you don't want to use jam, just fill the mould up to the top with chocolate after inserting the stick.


5) Cover the jam completely with melted chocolate and tap to remove air bubbles and to make the chocolate fill in all the mould and flatten down.

86) Finally, place the filled mould in the refrigerator for around 30mins or until it has set.  Remove the mould from the refrigerator, gently twist the mould and then lift up the lollipop stick, removing the lollipop from the mould. If the lollipop does not remove from the mould easily, it could be because they have not set properly.  If so, return them to the refrigerator for another few minutes.


Hey Presto! Ghoulish Lollies......

Christmas Stack a Tree


Create a stunning chocolate table decoration and impress your friends & family.

Equipment Needed:

Stack-A-Tree Chocolate Mould - C171
Christmas Assortment Mould - C20 (optional)
Heat-proof Bowl 
Melted Chocolate 


1) Spoon in a contrasting coloured chocolate to the top of the mould and tap to remove any air bubbles & make the chocolate go flat.


2) You can then add different flavours or textures by adding ingredients to the melted chocolate such as raisins, dried fruit, chopped nuts & small marshmallows, and then spooning this mixture into the mould.


3) Next, fill in all the other sections with chocolate. For variety you could fill each one with a different flavour, colour or texture. 

104) If you have any chocolate left over, use this in a Christmas Assortment mould and make small table decorations for your guests to nibble on.


5) Place the filled mould in the refrigerator for around 45 minutes or until they have set.  Remove the mould from the refrigerator and gently twist. Place a board over the top and turn over.  The finished shapes should fall out onto the board. If they don't fall out easily, twist the mould again to break the air lock or it could be because they have not set properly. If so, return them to the refrigerator for another few minutes.

You can then stack the parts of the tree on top of each other, if needed, secure in place with melted chocolate.  You can also decorate your tree using cake decorations or sweets dotted on with a little melted chocolate.

Marbled Chocolate

Brush a small amount of dark or milk chocolate onto the inside of your mould.  While still wet pour in white chocolate and with a brush swirl the chocolate together.  Experiment with leaving the dark or milk chocolate for different lengths of time before filling to achieve different results.

Stippled Chocolate

Use a piece of stippling sponge (or natural sponge) and dip into melted chocolate. Remove the excess by gently dabbing onto greaseproof paper and then gently dab onto the inside of the mould until it is covered all over.  Leave to set and then fill with a contrasting coloured chocolate.

Speckled Chocolates

Dip a small brush into melted chocolate and flick the end to create small speckles in the mould.  Leave to set and then add a contrasting coloured chocolate.

Stippled Chocolate

This can be done one of two ways.  You can either take a spoonful of melted chocolate and drizzle this back and forth over the mould (any chocolate which drips over the edge of the mould can just be put back in the bowl and reused). Leave to set and then add a contrasting coloured chocolate. The other way is to make a small greaseproof paper piping bag and fill with melted chocolate and pipe into the mould either in straight lines, criss-cross or with your own design (you can even write a name or message on the inside but remember this has to be done as a mirror image). Leave to set and then add a contrasting coloured chocolate.