Five Piece Stack Christmas Tree Polycarbonate Mould

Five Piece Stack Christmas Tree Polycarbonate Mould

Product Code: PMC11383

Price: £18.00 (including VAT)

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Product Information

3D Christmas Tree. In 5 parts. Base 9cm, top 4cm

Shipping Weight: 500.00 gms

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Q: Is the polycarbonate 3d Christmas tree mould the inflexible heavy duty type?

A: Yes - it is rigid polycarbonate - so the chocolate won't come out unless it has been tempered properly.

Q: How does it all join together? Is there something going down the middle?

A: Each element has a flat round central section but you will need to use tempered chocolate as a 'glue'

Q: How tall is the over all mould?

A: Once all of the layers are placed on top of each other - it is around 85mm tall