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    SOSA Powdered Soya Lecithin (400g)
    SOSA Powdered Soya Lecithin (400g)
    Purchase SOSA Powdered Soya Lecithin (400g)
    • SOSA Powdered Soya Lecithin (400g)

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    SOSA Soya Lecithin is an emulsifier that helps with the incorporation of air, in excess can affect the flavour. Mix in cold and blend in order to introduce air. Use in any kind of liquid. Can be difficult to use with alcohols and certain infusions. Well elaborated with airs and ice creams. An emulsion is a more or less stable union of fatty and watery molecules. An emulsion is unstable at the beginning and with the time the drops of the dispersed part tend to form groups, separating from the other part.

    Soya Lecithin will keep your ice cream from freezing too hard

    Use for ice cream, sorbets, bundt cakes, pralines, truffles and mousses.

    Size: 400g

    Old Product Code: 59000016