TLM WIKI Flow Wrapping Machine

TLM WIKI in Action

TLM WIKI Flow Wrapping Machine

Product Code: TLM-WIKI

Price: €21,000.00 (excluding VAT)

Product Information

Designed for Chocolatiers, the TLM WIKI is a versatile flow wrapping machine that is extremely versatile and can wrap anything from a single coffee bean to a 100g chocolate bar.

The picture shows the TLM Wiki with the optional Water Cooling System for working with Chocolate Bars.


Product Benefits:

Easy to use

More Quality

More Reliability

More Simplicity

Unique Design

24 Month Warranty

Powered by Siemens

TLM trained service engineer based in UK


Product Features:

Servomotor Yes

Touch Panel Yes

99 Product Memory Yes

Photocell Yes

Piece Counter: Yes

No Product - No Bag:

Optional Easy Product Change: Yes

Max Speed: 90 Pieces Per Minute

Bag Length Adjustment: Electronic

Jaw Speed Adjustment: Electronic

Automatic Film Brake: Yes

Self Diagnosis: Yes

Maximum Film Width: 300mm

Power Requirement: 3 Phase

Ask a question about this product.

Q: Will this machine foil wrap chocolate?

A: It can flow wrap using metalised plastic film but it cannot wrap like an aluminum foil wrapping machine

Q: Does it handle compostable/biodegradable films?

A: Yes it does - but if you have existing film, we would send some to TLM for testing first for checking. If you are yet to buy the film, I would check with TLM which film they recommend.