2.6cm Half Sphere Polycarbonate Chocolate Mould

2.6cm Half Sphere Polycarbonate Chocolate Mould

Product Code: PMC6759

Price: £18.00 (including VAT)

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Product Information

Half Sphere
dia. 26

Shipping Weight: 450.00 gms

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Q: How many cavities are there per mould?

A: There are 40 cavities (5 x 8)

Q: please advise the depth of polycarbonate mould PMC6759.thanks

A: Each cavity is around 13mm deep at the deepest point

Q: Can two half spheres be joined together for making lollipops

A: Yes they can joined together but this is not the right mould to make lollipops - we would recommend LS05 http://www.homechocolatefactory.com/PROD/LS05.html - this has a hole for you to fill the sphere - and once you have done that, you can slide in a lollipop stick. To release the lollipop - you can take the mould apart.