SOSA Gelcrem Cold (500g)



SOSA Gelcrem Cold (500g)

Product Code: 38674

Price: £7.19

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Product Information

SOSA Gelcrem Cold is a modified potato starch which is used as a thickening agent with a neutral colour. It gives a creamy texture (as e.g. pastry cream) and is viscosity stable in the oven and stable in acid mixes. Easily mix in cold and it will thicken giving maximum respect for flavour of raw product. Substitute for corn starch, for any kind of liquids. Well elaborated with cold creams, raw pastry cream and texturized soups.

Suggested Dosage: 40g-80g/1ltr (it can be mixed either cold or hot)

Old Product Code: 58050026

Shipping Weight: 600.00 gms

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Be the first to ask a question about this product.