SOSA Isomalt  "F" Refined (1kg)




SOSA Isomalt "F" Refined (1kg)

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Product Information

SOSA Isomalt 'F' is a refined powder derived from Sucrose. It may be substituted for Sucrose in a 1:1 ratio without changing the physical characteristics of the final product. It provides half the calories of sucrose. Stable at high temperatures without browning. Used in sweets and cakes and for making tuilles. Can also be used to help caramels last longer. 

Shipping Weight: 1150.00 gms

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Q: How do I cook this for making a sugar glass? How mich water?

A: SOSA Isomalt can be combined with any fruit puree or vegetable puree spread on a Silpat mat and dried in a dehydrator on full or oven at 80C, please ensure you peel off the mat when it is touch dry and turn over then replace back in the oven to finish drying until crisp. This will give you a naturally flavored and colour fruit glass. Dosage: Isomalt at 20% to puree Alternatively boil 1kg of Isomalt with 500ml water to 165C remove from the heat and cool to 140C, at this point your desired food colour and flavor can be added. Pour onto Silpat mat and place another over the top. Pace in the oven set to 180C for 3 to 4 minutes remove from the oven and roll with a rolling pin to achieve a thin fine layer, remove the top mat, cut and mould the glass as desired DO NOT CUT ON THE MATS The boiled isomalt can also be used to create spun sugar, pulled sugar and lollipops.