SOSA Inverted Sugar (1.4kg)

SOSA Inverted Sugar (1.4kg)

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Product Information

SOSA Inverted Sugar helps improve shelf life by retaining moisture. It can also keep pastry products softer when swapping 10%-15% of Sucrose with Inverted Sugar. In addition, it enhances and lifts natural fruit flavours and acts as 'anti-freeze' for ice cream production. Inverted Sugar can be the sole sweetener, but in the case of Sorbet, Ice Cream or Cakes, only 5%-10% of Sugar should be replaced with Inverted Sugar. Use in ganache, sorbet and ice cream. 

Shipping Weight: 1600.00 gms

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Ask a question about this product.

Q: once open how long does it last?How should I store it, in glass kilner jar?

A: The best before date is usually 18-23 months. It should be stored in a cool-dry area.

Q: How much inverted sugar should be used in ganache. Would I still be able to use alcohol in the ganache.

A: At most 100g per kg - but it really depends on your recipe. You can still use alcohol in your ganache but again the amount will depend on your recipe.