SELMI MACCHIA Melted Chocolate Dispensing Machine

SELMI MACCHIA Melted Chocolate Dispensing Machine

Product Code: SELMI-MACCHIA-Melted-Chocolate-Dispensing-Machine

Price: €5,900.00 (excluding VAT)

Product Information

The highly attractive SELMI MACCHIA is designed to dispense melted chocolate within patisseries, cafes, ice cream parlours, bakeries and chocolatiers.

It is perfect for dispensing chocolate topping for ice cream served in cones or cups or adding melted chocolate when making marocchino coffee or hot chocolate. It can also be used to fill small glasses of chocolate or gianduja for sale.

With its compact design, the SELMI MACCHIA can be integrated within worktops if required and is equipped with a volumetric dispenser and a flow control pedal.

Technical data

Tank capacity: 10kg.

Power consumption: 380V, three phase, 5 poles 50Hz. Single phase available on request.

Power required: 0.7kW

Dimensions: h 850mm w 420mm d 700mm (h with tube 1360mm)


Compact size.

Ideal for integrating within worktops of patisseries, cafes, ice cream parlours and chocolatiers.

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Shipping Weight: 1000.00 gms


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Q: Hi,Could you please advise whether the Selmi Macchia melted chocolate dispensing machine would be suitable to create chocolate bars with? Or is it only suitable for drinks/toppings.If not this machine, what machine would you advise for creating chocolate bars in a retail environment? Thanks in advance.Tom

A: The SELMI Macchia only dispenses melted chocolate - to make chocolate bars you need tempered chocolate. The entry level tempering machine from SELMI is the SELMI ONE which is priced at 5,999 + delivery + VAT for the three phase version.

Q: Hi,I'm interested in the Macchia. I want to make drinking chocolate but I'm not sure how to operate it. Can you please shed a light?Thanks,Mark

A: The Macchia is really designed for dispensing melted chocolate in defined quantities. The problem of adding milk is that the machine would have to be fully cleaned every day to prevent contamination. It can be used to add chocolate to milk separately. I should add, the Macchia does not have tempering capability.