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Price: €39,000.00 ( excluding VAT)

Product Information

The SELMI CHOCOFORM is an innovative chocolate extruder that is designed to exert pressure onto a cylindrical cartridge (made from chocolate and hazelnut, almond etc.) in order to produce high quantities of extruded product with a prechosen profile and size - which can then be enrobed or coated using a SELMI TARTUFINA Automatic Truffle Coater.


The cartridges used in the CHOCOFORM can be made by pre crystalising the recipe in a SELMI tempering machine with a removable Archimedean screw to allow for easy cleaning.


The touch screen control panel enables the user to adjust several parameters including the pressure, the matrix required etc, and controls the synchronised blade which cuts the chocolates to the chosen size. The speed can also be adjusted to determine the hourly production.


Technical data


Power required: 4400V three phase 5 poles - 2.5kW – 16A.


Hourly production: 50kg.


Mould capacity: 3.2-3.3kg.


Dimensions: h. 2350mm, l. 1400mm, d. 1200mm.




Please note that the SELMI CHOCOFORM needs to be connected to a supply of compressed air.


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Shipping Weight: 400000.00 gms

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Be the first to ask a question about this product.