Deco-Relief Cooling Spray

Deco-Relief Cooling Spray

Product Code: D115

Price: £27.76 (including VAT)

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Product Information

Freeze spray for cooling chocolate when making sculptures.

Size: 650ml aerosol

Shipping Weight: 500.00 gms

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Q: My name Helmi (Hygieniest - Shangrila Hotel Jakarta)Need information for the application of DECO GL (cooling) Is it safe for food (consumption)Spray on chocolate then ate the chocolate.We use it in our hotel, but there is no information about food gradeThanks for your answer.Regards,Helmi

A: Yes it is food grade - but unfortunately we cannot ship to you in Jakarta

Q: Hi, can you use the cooling spray together with the varnish spray and if so how would you use them. Thanks Ann.

A: They do different jobs - the cooling spray simply cools melted chocolate when joining elements of a chocolate scuplture. The varnish coats chocolate and gives it a shine - and is especially useful when you have moulded chocolate in a silicon mould - because it gives chocolate a dull finish.

Q: HI,Can you please confirm the composition of this product so I can ensure that it is permitted for us to use

A: Non-flammable propellant gas

Q: Can l use chocolate cooler sprey when l wanna ship my chocolates and dont want them melt instead of decorating?

A: I am afraid not - this spray is designed to cool chocolate quickly when using it as a 'glue' to join two pieces of chocolate together when making a chocolate sculpture

Q: Does this come with with fine tube for targeting the spray to a small space?

A: Yes it does

Q: I'm wanting this for a chocolate coated profiterole tower. Will this work for securing the profiteroles into the tower as using chocolate instead of caramel? Thank you x

A: You can use this to harden melted chocolate quickly but for a profiterole tower it shouldn't be necessary if you use tempered chocolate

Q: I am concerned that this product is safe to use on edible products, such as an elaborate cake, rather than chocolate sculptures that are decorative. Could you confirm please?

A: This is a refrigerant gas and it is used to cool chocolate quickly when making showpieces. It just evaporates after use but must not be directly ingested or breathed in.