SOSA Inulin Hot (500g)
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SOSA Inulin Hot (500g)

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Product Information

SOSA Inulin Hot has a gel forming property that retains large amounts of water. It also allows the absorbtion of fat or liquids in order to create dry or crunchy textures. Use with any product that has aqueous or fatty content. To use, dissolve in liquid at 70C for it to completely break up. Once incorporated into the liquid, leave the mixture to stand at 5C for 2 hours so it works properly. It can be frozen afterwards and is thermoreversible between 35C and 40C. It prevents syneresis while defrosting. Use as a substitute for fats in mousse, ice-cream and creams. Fat-free creams.

Dosage: 1g-30g/kg depending on the application.

Old Product Code: 00100008

Shipping Weight: 600.00 gms

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Be the first to ask a question about this product.