SOSA Pro-Pannacotta - Iota - (800g)




SOSA Pro-Pannacotta - Iota - (800g)

Product Code: 38970

Price: £42.61

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Product Information

SOSA ProPannacotta is an Iota set derived from red algae and carrageen. It is used as a Vegetarian alternative to gelatine. Creates a perfect soft gel for Pannacotta, flan, pudding and drinkable jellies. Once set it is heat stable until about 50C. ProPannacotta allows you to set a Panna Cotta style mousse into any shape. On its own it can not be frozen as it will leak water on defrosting. But if combined with either SOSA Carob Gum or SOSA Locust Bean Gum it can be frozen prior to use and defrosted with no ice crystals. Perfect for both savoury & sweet mousses in busy kitchens.

Old Product Code: 58050064

Shipping Weight: 900.00 gms

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Be the first to ask a question about this product.