SOSA Agar-Agar (500g)
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SOSA Agar-Agar (500g)

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Product Information

SOSA Agar Agar is a powdered vegetarian alternative to gelatine. Can be used to create vegetarian gellies, semi gels, flexible ganaches, clear consomee and jelly pearls. Combine with cold liquid then bring to the boil. Once set, it is heat resistant to 80C. Versatile vegetarian gelling agent made from sea vegetables. Perfect for odourless, colourless semi gels and jellies.

Properties: Gelling agent.

Directions for use: Mix in a liquid bring to a boil and let cool.

Application: Any liquid processing.

Remarks: Resistant to heat (90 C), not freezing Reversible thermose In acid media, it gels less Gelatin not very elastic

Optimal applications: Solid caviar / Hot gelatin <90 C

Other elaborations: Hot foams / Cold foams / Hot gelatin> 90 C / Cold gelatin / Cold puree / Veils

Dosage: 2-15 g/kg

Size: 500g

Old Product Code: 58050115

Shipping Weight: 600.00 gms

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Be the first to ask a question about this product.