SOSA Vegan Mousse Gelatine (500g)
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SOSA Vegan Mousse Gelatine (500g)

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Product Information

SOSA Vegan Mousse Gelatine is a mixture of Agar Agar and Tapioca starch and is a gelling agent formulated specifically for the gelation of vegan mousses. It has a low gelation temperature 32C-40C and allows freezing without syneresis/leaking water.

To use add the powder to the base liquid of the cold mousse. Mix and heat to between 90C-100C while stirring. Allow to cool to between 50-60C and mix with the aerating part with enveloping movements. Pour into moulds or a container and cool.

It is advisable to provide the aerated part of the mousse by means of a meringue made with vegetable protein such as SOSA Potato Whip or SOSA Soya Whip which allow you to work at high temperatures and gives sufficient time to the complete incorporation of the aerating part and distribution in the desired containers, before gelation occurs.

Use for the gelification of vegan fruit and citrus mousses, chocolates, nuts or spices

Suggested Dosage:1.5% to 2.5%

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Shipping Weight: 550.00 gms

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Be the first to ask a question about this product.