SOSA Powdered Glucose (600g)

SOSA Powdered Glucose (600g)

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Product Information

Dehydrated glucose syrup. Unlike Sucrose, Powdered Glucose prevents crystalisation of sugars and prevents products & preparations from drying out. It also provides elasticity & keeps products soft. 75g of Powdered Glucose is equivalent to 100g Liqud Glucose.
Product Usage
Use in sorbet, ganache, mousse, pastries, icing & candies.

Shipping Weight: 700.00 gms

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Q: Hi, just a question about your glucose pols. It is a 75gr of dry glucose equal 100gr of liquid one , but do I need to put mix it with water before using it ? 75gr is dry glucose without any water ?Thanks a lot Jc

A: The proportion you mention is correct but you don't need to premix with water, you can add it as powder to your recipe.