SELMI TUTTUNO One Shot Machine

SELMI TUTTUNO One Shot Machine

Product Code: SELMI-TUTTUNO-One-Shot-Machine

Price: €45,000.00 (excluding VAT)

Product Information

The SELMI TUTTUNO is designed to create a variety of filled products in a single operation including pralines (using most standard polycarbonate moulds), balls, eggs, filled sticks and more. The machine injects chocolate and fillings, in the percentages set by the customer, creating the outer chocolate jacket and the inside of the praline at the same time.


The SELMI TUTTUNO connects to a standard SELMI continuous tempering machine located behind the machine and the filling is dispensed through a temperature controlled hopper on the machine head.

Technical data:

Electrical specification: Three phase 50Hz

Power required: 3.5kW

Hourly production: Around 90 moulds

Dimensions: h 1600mm, I 1800mm, d 700 mm


Connects to a SELMI tempering machine for the supply of tempered chocolate

Can be connected to a SELMI EX tempering machine for supply of the filling

Please note. The SELMI TUTTUNO needs to be connected to a source of compressed air.

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Shipping Weight: 3500000.00 gms


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Be the first to ask a question about this product.