SELMI R200 Enrobing Attachment

SELMI R200 Enrobing Attachment

Product Code: SELMI-R200-Enrobing-Attachment

Price: €6,950.00 (excluding VAT)

Product Information

The R200 Enrobing Attachment consists of three elements on a trolley with a cantilever design.

The first element is the loading area with can be operated independently to allow the product being coated to be positioned accurately.

The second element is the coating area which features mechanical vibration of the coating mesh designed to helps to give the product a uniform coating . It also has an air blower that incorporates a food-grade filter and that can be adjusted to change the working height. In addition, the level of air flow from the blower can be adjusted via the control panel to blow off excess chocolate.

The third element is used to take off the finished products and consists of a belt on which runs one-sided food grade glazed paper. To minimise wasted space and materials, the paper can be set in motion or stopped using a mechanical control lever. The speed of each of the three sections is electronically controlled.

Technical data

Power required: 0.5kW - Single phase 220V

Weight: 60kg

Dimensions: h. 1120mm, w. 1730mm, d. 600mm.



Wheel mounted, folding cantilever design is quick and easy to install.

Can be fitted with accessories for partial bottom coating and partial lateral coating.

Electronic speed control.

Electronic air blower control.

Blower position adjustable on graduated scale.

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Shipping Weight: 1000.00 gms


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Q: May I ask why this wouldn't be compatable with the Color Ex or Selmi one? I can't find an enrobing attachment for a machine less than 24kg capacity.

A: This is because the flow of chocolate from the SELMI Color EX or SELMI One is not sufficient to create the 200mm wide curtain of chocolate required for the R200. Furthermore - the depth of the SELMI COLOR EX/SELMI ONE is too small to accommodate the physical width of the R200