SELMI PLUS EX - Fast Chocolate Change - Continuous Tempering Machine - 24kg tank

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SELMI PLUS EX - Fast Chocolate Change - Continuous Tempering Machine - 24kg tank

Product Code: SELMI-PLUS

Price: €15,500.00 ( excluding VAT)

Product Information

New version offers improved efficiency. Suitable for working with the following SELMI attachments - SELMI R200 & R200 LEGEND Enrobing attachments, SELMI Truffle Coating attachments, and SELMI Injection Head. Incorporates a low voltage heated vibrating table together with a volumetric dosing facility with pedal to control the flow of chocolate.

Features removable Archimedean screw for fast change between chocolate types or colours.

Technical data

Tank capacity: 24kg. Maximum tempering capability: 90kg.

Power consumption: 1.6kW - three-phase, 5 poles.

Cooling system: 1100 frigories/h.

Dimensions: h 1470mm, w 490mm D 1000mm. (w with heated vibrating table: 800mm, w with enrobing attachment: 1740mm)


Ideal for chocolateries, patisseries, bakers and ice cream parlours.

220V single phase connection available on request.

Tempers 24kg of chocolate in 15 minutes.

New design gives lower energy consumption.

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Shipping Weight: 1000.00 gms

Ask a question about this product.

Q: Can inclusions such as chopped hazelnuts and dried fruit be used in this machine?

A: Yes but the maximum size of inclusions that can be used is 4mm

Q: How do you clean the machine when you donít have a drain?

A: You need to wash the Archimedean screw so need access to a sink and drain.