SELMI ONE Continuous Tempering Machine - 12kg tank

SELMI ONE Continuous Tempering Machine - 12kg tank

Product Code: SELMI-ONE-Continuous-Tempering-Machine

Price: £8,400.00 (including VAT)
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Product Information

Entry level continuous tempering machine that offers fast melting and tempering of chocolate. Incorporates a low voltage heated vibrating table together with a volumetric dosing facility with pedal to control the flow of chocolate.

Technical Data

Tank capacity: 12kg. Maximum tempering capability: 55kg.

Power consumption: 1.0kW - three-phase, 5 poles.

Cooling system: 900 frigories/h.

Dimensions: H 1470mm, W 380mm, D 730mm (W with heated vibrating table: 670mm)


Compact size.

Ideal for chocolatiers, patisseries, bakers and ice cream parlours.

220V single phase connection available at extra cost.

Tempers 12kg of chocolate in 7 minutes.

Price shown above is for the three phase version and includes delivery, post delivery check, on-site training and VAT

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Shipping Weight: 200000.00 gms


Ask a question about this product.

Q: How do you clean this machine if you don't use it all the time. Say if you don't use it all the time.

A: If you wish to change from milk or dark to white chocolate - or vice versa - then the SELMI COLOR EX which has a removable Archimedean screw would be a better choice as it allows the machine to be cleaned thoroughly inside. On the SELMI ONE you can decant all of the chocolate until nothing else comes out - and that will leave around 400g of chocolate inside of the Achimedean screw.

Q: is the selmi one a continuous tempering machine or continuous batch tempering

A: It is a continuous tempering machine - although to operate in a continuous manner and to use it to its maximum capability, one needs to ensure that the tempering machine is topped up with melted chocolate at 45 degrees and that not all of the tempered chocolate is used but some is returned to the unit's tank.