SELMI FILLER Workbench Injection Filler

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SELMI FILLER Workbench Injection Filler

Product Code: SELMI-FILLER-Workbench-Injection-Filler

Price: €6,900.00 ( excluding VAT)

Product Information

Semi automatic filler designed to inject low density ganache into pralines at up to 360 moulds per hour. Full microprocessor control allows the dosage volume to be fully adjusted.

In addition, the working environment at the point of injection is heated, thermoregulated and the filler incorporates a vibrating holder for the mould being filled rating table to help eliminate air bubbles which could compromise the shelf life of the product.

Technical data

Tank capacity: 6kg.

Electrical specification: 220v single phase 50 Hz

Power consumption: 1.4kW

Dimensions: h 580mm w 980mm d 350mm

Filling speed: 6 moulds per minute.


High productivity of moulded chocolate.

Injects liquid fillings ( with the max viscosity of chocolate)

Dosage via custom made injection plate.

Piston calibrated dosage.

Please note. This product needs to be connected to a source of compressed air.

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Shipping Weight: 300.00 gms

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Be the first to ask a question about this product.