SELMI Moulding Line 175

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SELMI Moulding Line 175

Product Code: SELMI Moulding Line 175

Price: €19,700.00 (excluding VAT)

Product Information

The SELMI Mould Loader 175 connects to the SELMI TOP continuous tempering machine and is designed to fill, and vibrate polycarbonate moulds (275mm x 175mm), the same operations usually performed by traditional, industrial lines.


The unit has three separate workstations each performing a different task: 1) filling via a injection plate or directly from the tempering machine, 2) 1st vibrating level, 3) 2nd vibrating level after which the filled moulds are ejected onto a slide designed to lead into a Cooling Tunnel. Because of the high volume of production, we recommend the SELMI TOP tempering machine is connected to a SELMI TANK200 or TANK400 fitted with a level sensor to ensure the constant flow of melted chocolate.

Technical data

Hourly production: 250-300 moulds/hour

Power consumption: 380V, 5 poles, three phases.

Needs to be connected to a compressor.

Dimensions: w 1,500mm, l 2,300mm, h 950mm.


Ideal for making solid items (bars, neapolitains etc)

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Shipping Weight: 300000.00 gms

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Be the first to ask a question about this product.