Pavoni Thermoformed Xmas Tree Face Chocolate Mould Kit

Pavoni Thermoformed Xmas Tree Face Chocolate Mould Kit

Product Code: KT135

Price: £40.31 (including VAT)

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Product Information

Kit includes two sets of thermoformed chocolate moulds - each comprising two moulds.

Dimensions:160mm x 75mm x h 200mm

Approx weight: 250g

Shipping Weight: 450.00 gms

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Q: Do you just pour tempered chocolate into mould and let chocolate set.How does chocolate tree come out of mould ,?

A: If you want to make it solid that is what you do. If the chocolate is tempered properly then it shrinks a little enabling it to release from the mould. If you want to make it hollow, you can either flood the mould with tempered chocolate and empty it leaving a coating on the inside which will dry to form a shell. You can repeat the exercise several times to make the shell thicker. Alternatively you can brush tempered chocolate on the inside of the nould and build up layers that way.