Martellato 3.6L Melter

Martellato 3.6L Melter

Product Code: MC101

Price: £295.91 (including VAT)

Product Information

3.5 Litre Capacity

Perfect for hand tempering

Durable plastic construction with removable stainless steel containers & lids

Analogue control enables the temperature of the chocolate to be regulated up to 50C

Power: 240V

Shipping Weight: 1200.00 gms

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Q: Are both cavities smooth?

A: Yes - but there is a very shallow rim around the edge of the cavity which is there as this mould doubles for use as a spinning mould.

Q: Please can you tell me what is the weight is per cavity? thanks

A: Approx 7g

Q: what weight egg does this produce..and I know it depoends on thickness of choc but average please?

A: The exact weight will depend on the thickness of chocolate - but we estimate it will be in the region of 300g

Q: What is lowest temperature it can be set to melt at and can it be set to hold chocolate at temperature for a certain time? Thanks

A: The MC101 has a rheostat that enables you to vary the temperature but it does not have a thermostatic control that enable the melter to be set at a certain temperature. You would need to use an alarm thermometer which is set to the temperature you require - and when that temperature is reached - the alarm buzzes - and you would need to adjust the rheostat accordingly.