Medium Fluted Round Praline Magnetic Chocolate Transfer Mould

Medium Fluted Round Praline Magnetic Chocolate Transfer Mould

Product Code: PDR9004

Price: £36.87 (including VAT)

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Product Information

Two Part Magnetic Mould. Mould size: 275mm x 135mm. Cavity size: 35mm diameter x 15mm. Cavities per mould: 15

Shipping Weight: 640.00 gms

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Q: Regarding the magnetic moulds, some are referred to as "praline moulds". Does that mean they are not suitable for use as just chocolate moulds?ThanksChristine

A: The primary use for magnetic moulds is to produce filled chocolates (commonly known as pralines) with a cocoa butter design on one side (to differentiate flavours). The moulds have a removable back so you can place the cocoa butter transfer sheet inside and close. Then you make the chocolate in the conventional way - essentially flood with chocolate then empty to create the 'shell' then once set, fill the shell almost to the top with filling, then when it has set, flood again and scrape across the back to seal. I suppose you could just make them solid if you wanted.

Q: Hi, are the molds delivered with transfer sheets too? Thank you!

A: No - the mould doesn't come with any transfer sheets

Q: The depth of the chocolates made would only be 10mm. Is this suitable for filling or would they have to be solid chocolates? The depth seems to vary greatly throughout the magnetic mould ranges.

A: Sorry there was an error in the description which has now been corrected - the mould depth is 15mm - and is designed for making a filled praline