Home Chocolate Factory Square Magnetic Mould

Home Chocolate Factory Square Magnetic Mould

Product Code: IMP1002

Price: £29.95 (including VAT)

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Product Information


Low price.


Great quality.


Perfect for use with transfer sheets.


Cavity size: 25mm w x 25mm d x 15mm h


Cavities: 4 x 6


Mould size: 275mm x 135mm.

Shipping Weight: 550.00 gms

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Q: Hello,I'm new to all this. What is a magnetic mould.Graham

A: Magnetic moulds are used with transfer sheets. They have a removable metal plate at the back which holds the transfer sheet in place (cocoa butter side up) - then you make your chocolate in the conventional way - and when it is finished - the chocolate will have the pattern from the transfer sheet on the top.