Techniques and Recipes for Moulded Decorations

Techniques and Recipes for Moulded Decorations

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Course Date:

Thursday 20th February - 10.30am

Hands off Course:

Maximum 8 Participants

Course Tutor:

Jonathan Deddis

Course Length:

Two hours


Every participant will receive a factsheet containing all recipes demonstrated.

Course Description

This hands off course will teach techniques for making moulded decorations using the new Pavoni Gourmand moulds. Course will be taught by Jonathan Deddis, a highly experienced pastry chef & chocolatier and teacher at the Pastry Academy.

What the Course Covers:

The course will cover recipes for both vegan and non-vegan decorations and discuss the ingredients required.

Course Timing

This is a 2 hour hands off course running from 10.30am to 12.30pm, with a maximum of 8 participants.

Course Location

Course to be held at the Pastry Academy, 273 Cricklewood Broadway, London, NW2 6NX  

Course Requirements

This course is designed for Pastry Chefs.