Mould Making Masterclass with Martin Chiffers

Mould Making Masterclass with Martin Chiffers

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Course Date:

Monday 7th & Tuesday 8th September 2020 - 9.00am - 5.30pm

Hands on Course:

Maximum 7 Participants

Course Tutor:

Martin Chiffers

Course Length:

Two days

Course Description

Learn Learn the techniques and materials used for mould making with Martin Chiffers, International Pastry Consultant and UK Pastry Team President.


This is a two day hands on course - with a maximum of eight participants.


The course will cover handmade thermoform moulds, constructing simple mould boxes, working with Chromatic Alginate/ Aja Safe + Alginate Retarder, Body Double SILK Direct Skin Casting, one & two piece silicon moulding, using Madroc as aupport, adding powders fillers to resin, using resin & filler, Plasti Paste II, smooth Cast, Foam It for casings and master castings.


Course includes lunch.


Course to be held at the Pastry Academy, 273 Cricklewood Broadway, London, NW2 6NX

*Early booking discount, book before 1st June 2020