Double Guillotine / Guitar Cutter

Double Guillotine / Guitar Cutter

Product Code: DG

Price: £1,078.80 (including VAT)

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Product Information

Great value double guillotine includes: - tough plastic base (390mm x450mm) - 22.5mm steel cutting frame - 30mm steel cutting frame - 45mm steelcutting frame - and 30mm fixed side cutting frame

Includes steel sheet for cakes - plastic spatula - 3 spare steel cords - 2spanners for changing cords.

Also available as optional extras - 15mm steel cutting frame and 20mm fixedside cutting frame - for price details and to order,

Delivery may take 14-21 days depending on stock.

Shipping Weight: 36000.00 gms


Ask a question about this product.

Q: HiI have question regarding to double guitar cutter.While you cutting on it do you need twist/turn over cutted chocolates on base.Thank youSimon

A: With the double guitar you don't need to turn the ganache - just cut it with one frame - then the other - and slide off the cut ganache.

Q: Hi We produce artisan marshmallows would this cutter work with marshmallows at all? We cut them in 1.25" cubes. Is there any way of testing it before we buy to see if it will suit our purposes?

A: We have carried out some trials and in most cases, when the marshmallow compresses it becomes too dense to cut.

Q: Would this cutterwork with fudgy chocolate brownies at all?

A: It should do depending on how firm the chocolate is. If it is sticky and most like a paste it should be fine - if it is more solid like fudge - it might be a problem