SOSA Fruit Pectin NH (500g)




SOSA Fruit Pectin NH (500g)

Product Code: 58030000

Price: £33.81

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Product Information

  • Item Length (mm): SOSA Fruit Pectin NH (500g)
  • Number of Cavities: 33.81
  • Size of Mould: 0

SOSA Fruit Pectin is a gelling agent and thickener that can be applied to pulps and juices. It activates exclusively with the incorporation of an acid component. Mix with the sugar, bring to a boil and add the acid. Pulps and juices which allow the incorporation of acidity. Optimum for freezing and thawing. Ideal for fruit nappage, fruits gels, jams. 

Suggested dosage: 8-20g/kg nappage and 30-40g/kg fruit spread (+ citric acid)

Shipping Weight: 575.00 gms

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Q: Is it NH pectin?

A: Yes