Assorted Flowers

Assorted Flowers

Product Code: F5

Price: £3.75 (including VAT)

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Product Information

  • Item Depth: 12.7
  • Number of Cavities: 12
  • Size of Mould: 20cm x 26cm

Dimensions on average (approx) 35mm 12 pieces per mould

Shipping Weight: 48.00 gms

Ask a question about this product.

Q: hello, are these bar bags made of cellophane or PVC or other?Please advise.Thanks.

A: They are made from polypropylene

Q: Could you give me some idea of the weight of the chocolates this mould would make?

A: Weight is approx 6g

Q: how long do these last once opened. thank you

A: They can be kept for three days in the fridge or if vacuum packed after opening, they can be frozen and kept for several months.

Q: Are they airtight bags? Thank you!

A: No - they do have a flap which has a self adhesive strip so you can fold it over and seal the bag - but it is not completely airtight.

Q: How long will the puree keep once opened (in the original packing) please

A: You can keep the puree for three days onces opened if kept in the fridge - or you can freeze it

Q: Hi ,is the fruit purée suitable for vegetarian And alcohol free

A: The product is not certified vegetarian but is vegetarian. It does not contain alcohol

Q: Hi, what is the ingredients for these purées

A: 90% fruit and 10% sugar

Q: Do you do delivery to USA?

A: We do normally but not this product due to US Food & Drink regulations

Q: if used in a ganache , how long is the shelf life of this product?

A: The shelf life of particular product is determined by the ingredient with the shortest shelf life. So if you are using cream with a 4 day shelf life - then regardless of whether the chocolate or fruit puree have a 12 month shelf life - the finished product will have a 4 day shelf life.