Small Daisy Lollipops

Small Daisy Lollipops

Product Code: F13

Price: £3.75 (including VAT)

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Product Information

  • Item Length (mm): 31.75
  • Item Width (mm): 50.8
  • Item Depth: 9.53
  • Number of Cavities: 7
  • Size of Mould: 20cm x 26cm

Item dimensions (approx): 57mm (length) x 32mm (width)

Shipping Weight: 48.00 gms

Ask a question about this product.

Q: Can this be used to flavour tempered chocolate?

A: Yes it can

Q: Hi, I'm looking for a completely plant based colour with no additives. Is this the right product for me to colour white chocolate with?

A: I am afraid it is not a natural colour. We hope to launch a range of natural colours in a few months although they are available to order from the SOSA range - call 0208 450 1523 for details

Q: Does this product have as much or more flavour than the sosa product please. i want it to flavour chocolate centres. thank you

A: The SOSA natural aromas/essential oils require a dosage of just 0.2g per kg and the standard SOSA flavours/aromas require a dosage of 2g per kg - both of which are less than the Mallard Ferriere ones

Q: Hi - are the Mallard Ferriere concentrates vegan ?

A: They are not certified vegan

Q: Is this an oil based flavouring, i.e. can it be used with tempered chocolate?

A: Yes it is oil based and can be used with chocolate

Q: can this be used to flavour tempered chocolate?thanks

A: Yes it can

Q: is this a pure vanilla? are there any other ingredients added please?

A: It is not pure vanilla - there are other ingredients including Mono Propylene Glycol E1520, Colorant Caramel E150b

Q: Hi Can this be used to flavour tempered chocolate?

A: Yes - it can be used to flavour creams, desserts, chocolates, ganaches, macarons, ice creams, sorbets.