SOSA Alphabet of Flavours Violet Flavour (50g)

SOSA Alphabet of Flavours Violet Flavour (50g)

Product Code: 46080010

Price: £23.10

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Product Information

Just a few drops can add or increase a flavour or give a special nuance to any recipe. Can be combined with other flavours to explore create interesting and innovative food pairings. Very authentic taste and flavour.

Dosage: 0.2g/kg. Supplied with a sprayer and dropper.

Use to flavour ganache, buttercream, mousse, ice cream, jelly, marshmallow, foams and truffles and so much more - even savoury dishes

Shipping Weight: 98.00 gms

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Q: Please can you tell me what ingredients are in violet flavouring.

A: Aroma,Inverted Sugar, Glycerine (E422)