SOSA Alphabet of Flavours Ripe Banana Flavour (50g)

SOSA Alphabet of Flavours Ripe Banana Flavour (50g)

Product Code: 46010061

Price: £19.54 (including VAT)

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Product Information

Just a few drops can add or increase a flavour or give a special nuance to any recipe. Can be combined with other flavours to explore create interesting and innovative food pairings. Very authentic taste and flavour.

Dosage: 2g/kg. Supplied with a sprayer and dropper.

Use to flavour ganache, buttercream, mousse, ice cream, jelly, marshmallow, foams and truffles and so much more - even savoury dishes

Shipping Weight: 98.00 gms

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Q: Can this product be used like a flavouring to Cheesecake Mix creme ie Biscuit base then cheesecake mix then topping.Have heard of sweet balsamic flavourings.Can you give me any info how to create flavours in the mix Many Thanks Carol

A: Yes it can - simply mix it in with the butter when making the base.