Flexipat (335mm x 335mm) Silicon Pastry Mould

Flexipat (335mm x 335mm) Silicon Pastry Mould

Product Code: FT4020

Price: £41.56 (including VAT)

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Product Information

Flexipat® is a new product which will revolutionise your work. Even layers of sponge, crème brûlée or fruit jelly can be spread or moulded very quickly. Any baked or frozen preparations of your choice will have a regular presentation. Item Dimensions: 335 mm x 335 mm x 16 mm (height)

Shipping Weight: 500.00 gms


Ask a question about this product.

Q: Good morningDoes the product have 4020 E 20 on the bottom of the product?Regards,Brian

A: All the FT4020 have 4020 followed by one letter and two numbers - which I believe indicates the batch number.

Q: are the measurements advertised correct? it looks right in the photo but measurements indicate its square. I need a 10 x 12 one of these.Many ThanksDaniel

A: The size is correct but the picture shows a different size - we will correct it as soon as possible

Q: Do you have a mould like the one in the picture? I need a 400 x 300 (half of a 400 x 600 standard size). RegardsPeter

A: The only other size that are available are: FT1010 - 555 x 360mm x Depth 10mm FT1020 - 555 x 360mm x Depth 20mm FT2213 - 480 x 280mm x Depth 13mm For more information, email sales@homechocolatefactory.com