Deco-Relief Coloured Cocoa Butter - Red

Deco-Relief Coloured Cocoa Butter - Red

Product Code: CH447

Price: £21.59 (including VAT)

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Product Information

Red cocoa butter from Deco-Relief. 200g bottle suitable for colouring chocolate and painting figures.

Shipping Weight: 250.00 gms

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Q: With regards to the Red cocoa butter from Deco-Relief. 200g bottle or any of the colours. Is the product liquid? and if so is it intended to colour cocoa butter or can it be used like coloured cocoa butter and applied to the chocolate moulds. Is the butter tempered? Will it set?Thanking youC Doyle

A: The product is solid when it is supplied and ideally, needs to be tempered before use. I have sent you an email with instructions.

Q: Ref: Product Code: CH447Deco-Relief Red Cocoa Butter.Does this product has any animal fat?I was wonder if you could e-mail me more information about product?Thanks,

A: This product just contains cocoa butter and colourant E129

Q: how to temper with out a microwave? Is there another way?

A: If you are talking about tempering chocolate - then I recommend looking at the following link which shows several different methods of tempering: As far as melting cocoa butter is concerned, you can melt it in a bain marie - ideal melting temperature is 35 degrees.